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 Claudia  R.– April, 2017

As an attorney in Boston, MA, I was careful to research and select representation in San Diego for a family member who faced an employment issue. She required timely, expert advice on a serious matter. Attorney Rizzo responded quickly and effectively in providing the very best legal counsel. Kristen was expecting her first baby at any moment yet her professionalism remained unaffected. Thanks Kristen!


Liz – March, 2015

I engaged Kristin to review a severance agreement from a soon-to-be-former employer. As an HR professional, I had seen many such agreements in my time, but Kristin had several excellent changes to suggest for my protection. It was clear to me she did her research, and she took the time to answer my many questions in plain English. I found Kristin to be trustworthy, relatable, and practical. She was to-the-point, respectful of my time, and did the exact job I engaged her to do. I hope I never again have a need for an employment plaintiff’s attorney, but if I do, I will definitely contact Kristin again.

Client D. – May, 2014

Kristin and her staff made a remarkable difference in a very stressful and emotional time in my life.  Her legend expertise, attention to every detail, and ethical principles of business delivered the best outcome possible in my case. I give her 5 out of 5 stars !!!!!!!!!  Thank You Kristin! I would refer you to my friends and family without question.

Christine – April, 2014

I was having a hard time finding an attorney to help me with my needs. When I found Kristin Rizzo, I could not believe how easy-going she was with me and my needs. She was compassionate, helped me understand what I was dealing with, and most of all…..she knew what she was doing! She is a wonderful attorney who made me feel so comfortable, that I almost forgot she was an attorney. She made it stress free – and that is how all attorneys should be. If you want an attorney who is very well aware of the laws, compassionate, calm, easy to work with…..then, you can’t go wrong calling Attorney Kristin Rizzo. I will refer her with great pride to anyone who may need an attorney with her specialty, and….I will never hesitate to use her again, in the future.

Client – March 1, 2013

Kristin was excellent and very understanding and caring about me. She is just awesome-sauce and if you are in need of this area of specialty I highly recommend her.

Maria – January 26, 2012

Kristin has been of the utmost help to me with my employment legal needs. She is a gracious, caring, and an understanding straight shooter.  I would recommend Kristin and her firm to anyone in need of this type of legal assistance. She is a very nice person and understands her clients concerns, which she addresses immediately. I recommend her highly.

Jim‎ – November 17, 2011

Kristin Rizzo is a warrior. I own a business in San Diego and am actually an attorney myself. When I was unable to resolve an outstanding and substantial bill to a client, I hired Kristin. Needless to say she won my case, every penny that I was owed. It’s rare that an attorney comes into court as prepared as Kristin did. Even though I hired her just a short time before the trial, she immediately had encyclopedic knowledge of the case. It was clear that she wasn’t just a lawyer working on my case. My issue, was her issue. That felt great. If you’ve hired Kristin Rizzo, you are in excellent hands.

Victoria‎ – September 16, 2011

Kristin Rizzo is an amazing individual. She is professional, knowledgeable, honest and very positive. The most amazing fact about her, though, is that she can see everything with the “eyes of her heart.” Before my encounter with her and her colleagues, I thought that the world of lawyers has a Heartless atmosphere. I thank God that I had met Kristin and Susan. During our meetings and trials, when Kristin Rizzo walked in to the room, I felt that the room lighted up and my heart calmed down. During the times of tribulations, Kristin has been “the anchor” in my “boat,” and I am very grateful that because of her, the “storm” is over. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!


Kristin has obtained millions of dollars in awards and settlements on behalf of her clients. Notable results and representative matters include:

  • Sexual Harassment.  Kristin successfully litigated on behalf of a female plaintiff who had been sexually harassed by her corporate boss, receiving a six figure settlement against a large national corporation.
  • Disability Discrimination.  Kristin successfully represented her client in litigation against a national company after she had been unlawfully terminated while on a protected disability (FMLA) leave, obtaining a significant settlement.
  • Racial Discrimination.  Kristin successfully represented three minority plaintiffs who had been racially discriminated against by their corporate employer, obtaining a six figure settlement against a national company.
  • Sexual Orientation DiscriminationKristin and attorney David Strauss successfully tried a two-week jury trial, representing a male homosexual plaintiff and victim of sexual orientation discrimination, achieving a six figure jury verdict.
  • Wage and Hour Litigation.  Kristin successfully represented two plaintiffs who had been unlawfully denied overtime by their multi-national corporate employer.
  • Breach of Contract/ Promissory Estoppel.  Kristin successfully litigated on behalf of an employee whose employer breached her employment agreement, earning her client a mid-five figure settlement against a large national corporation.
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